by Mary

Hello there! Team Easy Wed is composed of a group of highly professional wedding suppliers, who’s aim is to provide excellent quality service to any soon-to-wed couples. Our vision is to deliver high-quality products and services consistently, without breaking the bank.

So why do these individual professionals work under Team Easy Wed?
The wedding industry is a very small industry in fact. There is currently no standard or a registered body that handles standard pricing, standard workflow and standard quality for each wedding supplier, with that said, Team Easy Wed’s aim is to be consistent across all events because the same set of suppliers are working together as one. We believe that the more often we work closely together, the fewer mistakes there will be during an event. No couple would want to have a lot of flaws during their event right?

The group members were meticulously chosen by the company owners, who were also into the wedding industry, and have already worked with the supplier. The process of selection is based on the tenure of the supplier in the wedding industry as well as their consistency in providing a high-quality output, which reflects on independent client reviews about them. The company believes that these teams will add great value to overall, as a team. One of our finest team members is JFagela Photography just to give you a hint.   

We have formed an exclusive package intended to ease getting married couples with the current situation the world is facing right now ~ COVID19. We think that intimate weddings will be the next trend in the coming years. We take pride in our commitment to deliver consistently high-quality services without compromise.